Dealership Blues

Waiting for my car to be serviced offers a unique opportunity to watch and listen to other folks waiting for the same reason. Honestly it is a depressing sight. Many have a dejected look on their faces and slumps in their posture. The waiting room is drab, fake wood paneling lines the walls faithfully maintaining […]


One Breath Quickie – The Brass Teapot

The Brass Teapot Poster

Movie: The Brass Teapot Director: Ramaa Mosley One Crazy-long Sentence Summary: A funny, yet touching at times, movie about a down-on-their-luck innocent couple struggling to make ends meet when their fortunes changed from a chance encounter with a elderly woman and a brass teapot that magically creates money based on the amount of pain that surrounds it to only discover …


One Breath Quickie – Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Movie: Orange is the New Black – Season 1 (a binge-watched Netflix series) Director: Jenji Kohan One Crazy-long Sentence Summary: A comedy-drama centered on a engaged-to-be-married to a second guessing man middle-aged woman Piper Chapman that is serving a year or so long prison sentence for trafficking drugs during her younger years for her lesbian lover who is …


The 30 Day Job


My work has been extremely stable, until recently.  I held jobs that lasted for years, heck I could almost use the word decade for two of my past employments.  Those days came to an end when my former employer informed me that the grant that funded my position will not continue in the up coming …


Making My Own Workout App


As I went to the gym with my son, I fired up Jefit on an old iPod Touch I borrowed from my boy only to discover that the developers have upped the minimum requirements.  I need iOS 5 or higher to run it now, which sadly the old device I was using is not capable of supporting. I am …


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  • Ember ATX Special Event with Alex Matchneer
    For the second October in a row, we’re pulling out all the stops and having a big Ember bash! TALKS: Alex Matchneer, “Mr. Router” from the Ember core team is coming all the way from NYC to talk about building… Read more › The post Ember ATX Special Event with Alex Matchneer appeared first on […]
  • D3.js: Data Visualization for the Modern Web
    This month we’re very excited to host Austin developer Andrew Thornton who will give an intro to D3.js, a powerful JavaScript library that allows for the efficient manipulation of documents based on data. Through its data-binding process, D3 allows you to build everything from simple… Read more › The post D3.js: Data Visualization for the Modern Web appeared first on […]
  • meetup
    Agenda: Pre-talk social time, start talks by 7:30 Recap of last meetup Rules of engagement for new attendees Speakers API-related jobs available from members Post-talks social time   Beers, soft drinks and water provided. The post meetup appeared first on door64.
  • Austin Chef Meetup
    Want to hear about the latest Chef news, have questions about Chef or just like coffee? This is your chance to catch up with other Austin Chef users, share your experiences and maybe show off what you’re up to. We’re now meeting… Read more › The post Austin Chef Meetup appeared first on door64.
  • Building mobile apps with Cordova
    Local favoriteDan DeFelippi (@expertdan) is going to educate us on building mobile apps withCordova (the open-source engine behind PhoneGap). Aside from being a proper geek and hacker, Dan is a co-founder of local bike rental and bike share app Spokefly.… Read more › The post Building mobile apps with Cordova appeared first on door64.

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