Dealership Blues

Waiting for my car to be serviced offers a unique opportunity to watch and listen to other folks waiting for the same reason. Honestly it is a depressing sight. Many have a dejected look on their faces and slumps in their posture. The waiting room is drab, fake wood paneling lines the walls faithfully maintaining […]


One Breath Quickie – The Brass Teapot

The Brass Teapot Poster

Movie: The Brass Teapot Director: Ramaa Mosley One Crazy-long Sentence Summary: A funny, yet touching at times, movie about a down-on-their-luck innocent couple struggling to make ends meet when their fortunes changed from a chance encounter with a elderly woman and a brass teapot that magically creates money based on the amount of pain that surrounds it to only discover …


One Breath Quickie – Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

Movie: Orange is the New Black – Season 1 (a binge-watched Netflix series) Director: Jenji Kohan One Crazy-long Sentence Summary: A comedy-drama centered on a engaged-to-be-married to a second guessing man middle-aged woman Piper Chapman that is serving a year or so long prison sentence for trafficking drugs during her younger years for her lesbian lover who is …


Making My Own Workout App


As I went to the gym with my son, I fired up Jefit on an old iPod Touch I borrowed from my boy only to discover that the developers have upped the minimum requirements.  I need iOS 5 or higher to run it now, which sadly the old device I was using is not capable of supporting. I am …


Samsung Galaxy S4 – Mixed Feelings


Samsung, what are you doing?  You had an incredible opportunity to quiet your critics, especially Apple, with your new phone.  Instead you pulled an Apple.  Lets forgo the technical specs of the Galaxy S4 or how it stands up against the competition, there are plenty of sites out there that do that better and have actually …


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  • SXSW Interactive, 2015
    The post SXSW Interactive, 2015 appeared first on door64.
  • Docker in Production at
    Josh Butts, VP of Engineering at, will describe their production Docker use case. The post Docker in Production at appeared first on door64.
  • NUI Central Kinect for Windows Hackathon – Austin 2015
    You can’t miss this awesome opportunity to hack the Kinect for Windows v2 and win prizes at the NUI Central Kinect for Windows Hackathon – Austin 2015! Build amazing projects that use gesture, body tracking, voice, and more. Games, business applications, robotics, usability software… whatever you can dream up. If you’re a Developer, UI Designer, […]
  • Craftsman Product Management Workshop
    Join us on Feb 21-22 at the Capital Factory in Austin, Texas to discover: Exactly how to develop an actionable growth strategy for your product Proven distribution tactics for reaching customers who are eager to buy Little known ways to solve complex product problems in half the time and half the cost “It’s like 16 […]
  • Astronomy on Tap
    Monthly Astronomy talks in the pub in Austin, TX! Each FREE event features accessible, engaging science presentations on topics ranging from planets to black holes to the beginning of the Universe. We have games and prizes to test your new-found knowledge and there is always lots of time to ask questions and interact with the […]

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