Fun but tired day

From England game 2

Well I coached my first game. The result, well we got clobbered but that was because of crowding around the ball and lack of movement from edge players. Toward the end, it all came together and we left a winded Argentina fighting mostly at their end of the field. I love the effort and my hoarse voice is a reflection of the energy that was out there. I will send a note to the head coach about the team’s effort so that we can focus on errors at our next team practice. It was fun and would like to do more.

Katalina played great in her second game! It was like night and day compared to her first game. She was not scared, she ran out there and attacked. Plus she did very well in dance… you know what? I’m tired, I think I will kick back and watch some football before I tackle the yard work. Yep a beer and some dip would be great about now.


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