1st week on Vista and Tx1000

Well I spent a week on Vista and my laptop. Impressions? Lappy is nice and small, very sheik and tablet functions are nice for ebook reading (when I do not have my Sony Reader). Vista is a mix bag. It is easy on the eyes but you have to blur your vision to see much difference from XP. Transparency is weak and the gadgets looked like an after thought compared to Apple’s widgets, though I have them turned on to track performance. If you are into eye candy, Beryl for ubuntu is the way to go.

I tried the readyboost by purchasing a fast enough 2 gb SD card. Once I plug it into the lappy, Vista asked if I want to use it to boost performance. Of course I said yes. The only real difference has been the little blue drive light does not flash as much as it use to. Performance-wise, I cannot tell if there is any change perceptually. I mean the lappy is quite zippy on Vista so to say it is uber-zippy with the card is a matter of opinion but I do not see it. Though people recommend it and some performance enhancement will be available once SP1 is release, I will keep the SD card permanently docked to the lappy’s internal media card reader. I also turned on the advance caching on the HDs and minimize the crazy indexing that is going on under the hood. So far, everything on the lappy is as it was when I first got it, fast. No real change. Oh well, I am glad to have been able to muck around for awhile, I always enjoy changing settings in the false belief that I will unlock hidden performance.

Coding has been a blessing. I no longer have to dock myself to the desk. I head to our theater room, watch HD and code. Life is so good when I can do that.

Do I miss linux? At times, there are just so much more toys that you can add to linux. Windows is closed but man I wish it would give me the eye candy I love. One thing I do not miss from linux that I love about windows is the whole “it just works” idea. It is a bit frustrating to go into .conf file here a build.properties file there. Set up a proxy pass over in apache or check dependencies are up to date. Though I am a leaner sys admin now because of linux, when I just want to play, I do not want to spend an hour trying to figure out why a package will not work. Windows is the velco of OSes. It does not require a lot of thinking, that may sound sad but really it is all about time. With coaching, cubscouts, watch DOG, piano, dance and just being an all around fun dad, my time with technology is limited. I want to jump in and play, not troubleshoot. Troubleshoot is what I do for work, that is not what I want for my limited free time.

So yes, I will still work with linux as it is what my job require, and I will have OS X laying around because that is what my family loves but I think I will spend most of my free time on Windows. It is bland, it is bloated, and leaks like a sieve but I still like it. It still works.


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