50 Mpixel sensor hits the scene, my 5D weeps quietly

I know you cannot tell but I do enjoy photography when given the opportunity to pursue my creative interest. Unfortunately there are only so many photos I am allowed to display of my children and family, people who rightfully consume all of my free time for which I am more than willing to give. Though I do not take as many creative shots as I use to, that does not negate the fact that I still follow the industry with the kind of enthusiasm reserved for those 20 years younger than me. Case in point, Kodak just released their new 50 megapixel CCD sensor, the KAF-50100 for consumer application. What makes this astonishing is one of sensor’s first applications in the new Hasselblad H3DII-50. 50 Mpixel refined in one of the best medium-format camera manufacture in the world. The sensor itself is twice the physical size of a full-frame 35-mm sensor like the one found in my Canon 5D. Native resolution should be about 8,176 x 6,132 pixels which was achieved by reducing the size of each pixel from 6.8µMpixel, found on the 39MP sensor, to 6µMpixel for the 50Mpixel beast. Shrinking pixels and packing them closer together typically adds noise and reduce dynamic range but it seems Kodak has tweaked their amplifier design and increased data output from two pipes found in their older 39MP sensor to four pipes now utilized in their new sensor (spec summary gathered from EE Times Asia).

At $39,000, the new Hasselblad is for pros only. When a gadget starts to approach the cost of your primary means of transportation, you realize one thing, you need a more expensive car! Hmm, speaking of cars, I heard Tesla has started full production

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