A mild sports nut that saw something amazing

I am a minor sports nut. I love:

The Broncos
The Nuggets
The Avalanche
The Rapids
The Buffs (all sports)
CC Tigers Hockey

See a pattern there? All Colorado teams, that is where my athletic heart will always be. So when I get a break from my busy schedule, I watch a game or two especially if one of the above teams are playing.

The Nuggets were knocked out early in the NBA playoffs by the Spurs who went on a rampage and tore the Jazz a new one. Yes, there is no question who is the best from the West. But last night, I watched a game that ranks up there with:

The Miracle at Michigan
The Drive
The Upset

Lebron James did what every superstar needed to do, he took over. In the second half of the fourth quarter and in both overtimes, James went on a shooting frenzy and knocked down 29 of the last 30 points for his team with 25 points consecutively. He dunked, blocked, stole and drove like a man on a mission. The gentle team player had to turn into a scoring monster to save his team. A man that is by far the best in the league. I was on the edge of my seat reading the live feed from the web and was just as loud as if I was watching the events unfold on television. I would love to see the final quarter of action but I need not to worry. What happened last night will be logged in sporting history like so many other great moments. King James, thank you for a great show.


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