About Me

Ruben Ruiz (my work bio)


About Mobile:

With all the new gadgets and tools available now, we techies sometimes forget that mobile refers to the person and not the toys we commonly think of.  As creatures with the propensity to be in constant motion, we use whatever tools available to support this reality.  Mobile tech has evolve to not only support the availability of information but create dynamic social interconnects using data like physical location.  Mobile tech is evolving so quickly, typically you find tools that do not bind to an actual need. Let’s try to filter some of the noise and find practical uses in the realms of pedagogy, commercial, or for fun.

About Me:

I spent most of my professional career working with colleges to discover, teach and deploy technology that is conducive to learning. I am an active father, avid outdoors man, competitor, amateur photographer, and a lover of gadgets.  But away from work, my social world revolves around my family.  Coaching soccer, taking kids to piano, karate or gymnastics, I am dependent on technology that can move with me.  Life is good when tech flows in harmony with your life.

About my Posts:

Always remember one thing about this weblog, the posts and opinions are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer, Austin ISD.