Android 1.5 – G1 getting some McLovin soon?

cupcakeSo Google is giving developers a sneek peak of Android 1.5.  Looks like there will be support for multiple versions of the code base, meaning you can have both v.1.1 and v1.5.  Kind of nice if you are trying to support the latest and greatest yet be able to run on the lowest rev.  1.5 includes the mythical cupcake update that has YET to make an appearance on the G1.  Maybe on APRIL 21?!?!

Cool features to keep an eye on are:

  • Live folders
  • Search within a webpage
  • Video upload on Youtube
  • Pic upload to Picasa
  • Speech recognition libraries
  • Accelerometer-based application rotations

Looks like everyone is trying to soften the blow iPhone 3.0 will bring.

[via Engadget]


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