Augmented Reality – Geordi LaForge Style


Though not as cool as MIT’s Sixth Sense, at least this sucker from Vuzix will hit the market this summer.  Using computer vision tech to identify objects or markers that allows the creation and placement of virtual objects in physical space, you finally have a practical method of bring your crazy Second Life world into this one. 

This is not the first commercial device to bring augmented reality to the masses, remember the Eye of Judgement?


What makes the Vuzix CamAR system cool is that it uses a camera to identify objects and displays them through VR920 visors to place virtual objects in your field of view.  Developer support is critical as well as a cooler visors.  It would be cool to extend meta data from the web to your world but not look like an absolute dork in the process.  Take a look at Giz’s demo of the product at GDC.

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