Augmented reality terminator style

973128Babak A. Parviz, a bionanotechnology expert at the University of Washington in Seattle posted an excellent article about the future of augmented reality through the used of contact lenses.  Currently Mr. Parviz has a proof of concept in Rabbits utilizing contact lenses with one LED output.  The article breaks down the process and problem of focusing images on the surface of the eye (using micro-lenses) and solving the power issues through the use of RF and solar solutions.  Some benefits to this research other than superimposing digitally-generated objects into the field of vision is offering another method of monitoring glucose levels:

We’ve built several simple sensors that can detect the concentration of a molecule, such as glucose. Sensors built onto lenses would let diabetic wearers keep tabs on blood-sugar levels without needing to prick a finger.

Fabrication and manufacturing such technologies are limiting factors in it’s current form but not perceived as impossible.  A very entertaining read of what the next 10-15 years will hold in contact lens technology.

[IEEE Spectrum]

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