Austin Bats update!

From Austin Bats

So remember when I went to see the bats, I promised photos of the event? David stopped by and yelled about not following through. Dang, who knew people actually read this thing! Well the reason why I did not post any was I personally did not get any photos I liked. The bats came out about forty minutes AFTER the sun has set. Even at 3200 iso, f/2.8 (WIDE open), manual focus on bats (in the dark!), the shot above was the best I could come up with. See those white specks under the bridge? Bats! It is by far not a reflection of the massive numbers that flew that night. Keyla took the Digital Rebel and snap shots from the bridge looking down. Below is her shot:

From Austin Bats

She did a better job capturing the little buggers than I did. I need to figure out how to capture moving objects in low light. I have trouble tracking moving objects at high noon! Oh well, I must say though the 5d performance at 3200 iso @ .8 sec shutter created a very low noise shot!

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  1. I assume so. There was nothing special the night we went. The bats do this every night until mid fall to my understanding. It was interesting to say the least.

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