Austin is the next Hollywood

Several months ago while driving home on RR 620, a 7-11 type store was blocked off as a movie set was filming. In the area were two cars, a yellow late model hotrod and a dark gray car. As we pass, we thought nothing about it other than wondering which movie it will be in. Today we settled down and watched Death Proof by Quentin Tarantino. During the second half of the film where they claim to be in Lebanon Tennessee, we recognize our section of the road. In fact it was nice to see the south Congress Bridge and downtown. This was the third film we saw with scenes that are from our area. The Hitcher, The Return were the other two that had shots of areas around our town. It was cool to know that not only are we known for our live music but you might see the mighty Ruiz’s minivan in an upcoming Hollywood flick. Watch out, we are coming to a silver screen near you!


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