Blogging from my G1

Well it has been a crazy week. We launched our app with minimal fanfair, as it should be. Darn app has been on deck for what it seems like forever. Also new this week was the release of T-Mobile’s G1. Keyla, me and everyone on my dev team got the geek toy, well almost Tommy will cave soon. All of us have been playing with Android for the last two weeks and were looking forward to the new phone. I was not expecting a line when I got to the T-Mobile store on launch morning but surprisingly I was eighth in line.

So far the phone has been incredibly fun to play and use. The screen is very responsive and flicks works well. The track ball is a godsend when links are too small for the finger and works great on games. The UI is intuitive and rock stable. I have the music app, chat and pacman running without any problems. Multitasking works very well on th G1.

Keyboard is better than expected as I am posting this entry using the interface. Also the browser is robust enough to fully render all my tools in WordPress. But the coolest feature is the notification bar. Regardless it is from my chats to calls or voicemail, I am kept informed by the bar.

The phone is without some issues. The battery sucks! Being connected to the cloud kills the phone. You have to be near a charger constantly. Thankfully you can usb charge as well. Coverage also is spotty. Verizon had a great network but crappy phones. T-Mobile is just the opposite. AT&T has the best of both but has crazy expensive plans. As for hardware issues, Bob reported that switching from wireless to cell causes his phone to lock up.

All in all, not a bad experience. Andriod SDK version 1.0 is very easy to get into, so much so that some of my guys has already developed applications as proof of concept.  I hope to join them soon with mine.  Oh and one last thing, this will probably be my last post from the G1 until there is a dedicated app for WordPress. Yes you can post but for something this long is murder on the eyes.  Hmm, that will be a small micro app project for me to work with!


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