Boat House Grill


The other day while my mom was in town, we decided to try something new and head over to this place called the Boat House Grill off of 620, near 2222. They serve catfish and burgers. All I have to say is that the service sucked. We ordered a take out plate and they were insistent that we take it home. Now looking around, it was not like the restaurant was decked out with candles and 1000 thread count table covers. They had picnic tables for crying out loud! But noooo, we were asked to take our food home because we ordered a carryout plate.

Now I would love to trash them completely but dang, the food was actually good. The catfish was lightly fried and tasted fresh. Coleslaw was crispy and the amount of food given was more than all five of us could finish. So thumbs down on the service and thumbs up on the food. What does that mean? It was a once in a lifetime experience to never be repeated again.


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