Bored with Stevie

UPDATE:  The webcams were moved up on the right side to make way for my Pandora list and MyBlogLog list.

So I got bored with the webcam setup for our pet turtle and moved the webcam setup from his tank to show our view from our backyard. The web camera had a hard time resolving the sunlight so I took an old polarize filter from a camcorder we do not use and glued it in front of the cam. It worked well:

backyard view

The updated snapshots can be found on the right hand side of the site toward the bottom or you can go directly here. Soon I will have every angle covered from my home!

One thought on “Bored with Stevie

  1. I like the idea that I can watch your house from here colorado. Maybe you can install the kind of camera to my house so you can watch our house when we are away from home.

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