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Full Circle, Atari Flashback Beats Them All

  My son requested and received the Atari Flashback 3 for Christmas after listening to the many gaming stories I had as a child of the 80s. After ripping open the box and setting up the system, he paused and looked very confused. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Umm, I don’t get it.” he responded. My son was confused by the lack of detailed graphics and sounds the games produced. They did not look anything […]


Sony – You pay you lose

 I love my Sony products.  I love the fact that my Sony Reader PRS-500 is still going strong.  I love streaming Netflix on my PS3.  I love watching my Blu-ray movies on my XBR-52.  I love messing around with my PSP when I am bored (yeah, the PSP does not see much action these days).  I love how Sony use to take care of me.  But now… With firmware 3.21 on the PS3 coming out […]


Crysis – There’s no app for that


 Techcrunch has been following a server-side streaming company OTOY for the last week.  What makes this exciting is the potential console-like gaming experience that can be had on hardware that is far from capable.  It seems all you will need is a phone with a webkit browser and a strong 3G connection. This tech will make my dream come true!  I will Quake on my phone! Pricing has not been released but based on the […]


PSP Go – Where’s the Sony sexy part?


 Wow, there was a lot of speculation that Sony was going to revamp the PSP and make it smaller.  High expectation was set when creative artists created their versions of the next PSP.  The fantasy render stayed in step with the usual sexiness Sony is known for.  If the image to the left is what Sony is going to push for the next PSP, I may for the first time have to forgo a Sony […]


Gaming on the go


 At this year’s GDC, Tero Ojanpera of Nokia talked about the importance of social networking and distribution of gaming through mobile phones.  Ojanpera estimated by 2012, 40% of game revenues will be coming from players of emerging markets that do not have access to high end computer gear or broadband connectivity but will carry a mobile device.  These users’ online experience will be shaped by what can be delivered through their cell phones.  The expectation […]


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  • The life and times of a Clojure expression
    Topic: The life and times of a Clojure expression – John Hume Thanks again to Capital Factory for giving us a space to meet at! The post The life and times of a Clojure expression appeared first on door64.
  • Agile Leaders SIG – Focus to Deliver Double the Value in Half the Time
    Topic: Focus to Deliver Double the Value in Half the Time In this session David Hawks will present 3 challenges all companies face and how focusing can help them deliver double the value in half the time. This session will… Read more › The post Agile Leaders SIG – Focus to Deliver Double the Value […]
  • ATX CodePen Inaugural Meetup!
    Pretty exciting eh? To kick things off, all three founders of CodePen (Chris Coyier, Alex Vazquez, and Tim Sabat) will be in attendance. We just want to hang out with front end developers, designers, and other like-minded web folk, especially… Read more › The post ATX CodePen Inaugural Meetup! appeared first on door64.
  • Sean Busbey on Apache Accumulo
    We’re lucky to have one of the Apache Accumulo committers in Austin — Sean Busbey of Cloudera. Just back from the Accumulo Summit, Sean has offered to share the latest developments with with group. For those of you unfamiliar, Accumulo… Read more › The post Sean Busbey on Apache Accumulo appeared first on door64.
  • Modeling – Which algorithms to use for different scenarios
    Further details coming shortly from the organizer. The post Modeling – Which algorithms to use for different scenarios appeared first on door64.

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