There is a wonderful feeling about the start of a new year. Your last year’s mistakes and failures now seem distant and forgivable as new promises will be made to correct the path you are on. Successes that had occurred seems stronger as they find a home in your memories. But there is something under the renewed spirit that lingers. Something that hides in the shadows of your awakening. You feel the gentle tug of is firm yet eerily welcoming grasp. It smiles coldly as it knows your eventual return will not be a long wait. Why is it such a battle to avoid it? The painful reality of an old routine is something we dread and yet feel powerless to avoid. It is the method that keeps you from growing. The chain that bounds you to where you were.

Change is evolutionary but habitual behaviour is human. We know what should be different and we make our best effort to enact change, yet without thought, we fall back into what we try to avoid. That is what I am challenged with and here are my goals:

  • Drink more water. Simple yet sad request as soda is what has quenched my thirst in the past.
  • Increase my fluency in Spanish. 39 years on this rock and I have yet exceeded the grasp of my blood language beyond that of an intermediate level.
  • Write the mobile program, Fred (hints mentioned on this blog). I dabble, I hack, I play but I never started and completed an application, that will change this year.
  • Be creative. I have a beautiful piano, guitar, and enough photographic gear to make something epic, time is now to make that happen.

Success is just a matter of constant reminder of necessary change. Though the time required will demand more than I was willing to commit, I need to break away what was most comforting, a routine that lacked growth.


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