Chrome OS – Lady Tech’s new OS

chromeAs Lady Tech sits nervously waiting for the results of her pregnancy test, the doctor returns and congratulates her, “Good news, it looks like you are going to have another OS.”  Oh dear, how will this one turn out? Lady Tech had so many already but a few sticks out in her mind. Her older son, Windows was on top of the world but has lost his way and now trying to create a new identity.  Her daughter OS X is quite content with keeping her looks but  craves attention.  Linux is a rebellious teen that loves picking on his older brothers and sisters.  Will her new OS be like those of her past?  Lady Tech thanks the doctor and walks out of the office gently rubbing her stomach.  As the doctor watch Lady Tech walk away, he hears a faint whisper, “I cannot wait to meet you.”

Google announced last night that they will be releasing an OS built around the Chrome browser core called Chrome OS.  At the core, it will be a lightweight OS offloading majority of it’s work from the client to the web, using cloud resources to manage content and storage.  It sounds a whole lot like Cherry PC but instead of a thin client box, the OS can be installed on any personal hardware, starting with the netbook next fall.  What will this mean for the heavyweights like Windows or OS X?  Nothing really, until cloud power can offload GPU/CPU intensive work such as 3D rendering, large or fat clients will still be around for graphic artists and engineering applications.  Exciting time for cloud computing but also a bit worrisome.  Google already have a very detail picture of your behavior when you use the web, now they will extend that knowledge even further with an OS.  Or does that even matter anymore?


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