Climbing Steiner Ranch


I meant to post this last week but it got a bit crazy toward the end. While walking our new house guest around the neighborhood, I decided to climb a rock wall. There is massive development going on around my neighborhood and this wall is just a reflection of that. My lovely wife Keyla capture the moment wonderfully. Why? because the very next moment, I lost my grip and dropped off the wall. Yes, I did not get very far to impress my lady but she seemed very amused by the attempt. My attempts of climbing a wall and hanging upside down for a kiss like Spiderman was halted by…well sheer lack of ability.

We had fun walking around. We will keep this up until the kiddies are back. We both miss our little ones desperately but do enjoy our time together.


4 thoughts on “Climbing Steiner Ranch

  1. Not anymore…RV has been doing one-arm pull-ups, and I can barely do two sets of 8 anymore. BTW, I finally understand the obligations to family and their fulfillment before mine (the time of that division meeting when your truck was blocked in).

    We’re all cardio now, and training for our first: http://www.muddybuddy.com


  2. I heard of that! Very cool…what is this talk about family? I am glad you are doing well. I only wish the best. Thanks for stopping by.

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