cmd.exe still ugly in Vista

One thing I have gotten use to in ubuntu and os X are the transparent console windows. I like to tail logs or watch webrick running while doing other tasks plus it is cool. CMD.exe on Vista still looks like crap. I figured they would have “glass-ifed” the interface but nooo MS kept it simple. Thankfully someone else loves transparent windows as much as I do and made a great substitute. Marko Bozikovic created Console that not only can be transparent but adds tabs! I am no longer crippled by the lack of detail MS seems to be providing for power users!

Also I highly recomend IE7Pro for IE7. Nice addition and recovery of you web session from a crash. Firefox has been doing that for awhile, about time IE can, with the help of a plugin. Fiddler is a cool tool to trap all web traffic to analyze problems with your app. About the only thing useful MS has built is the Developer’s tool bar. More to come as I try be a full convert to the MS world.


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