Coach and Parent

Today I will take over coaching duties for my son’s game. I spent some time developing the rotations and I must admit, it was fun to do. With soccer for both kids, piano, cub scouts and dance, we are very busy the whole week through. Keyla is also volunteering as a Spanish teacher for Ruben’s class which makes him proud. Plus when we are free, we head to our swimming pool to play and do laps. Ruben has expressed interest in Tennis and Golf, Katalina wants to do whatever her big brother does… We enjoy this so much it seems like work is in the way! And with that, I gotta go! Ruben’s soccer game is at two. Take a look at the neighborhood sports web site for Ruben and Katalina results (Ruben is on team England for 7-8 year-olds and Katalina is on team Dortmund for the 4 year-olds) in Steiner Ranch.


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