Code, coffee, food


Three things you need at every developer’s conference: code examples, coffee and food. Food choice for the day was pizza, something you just cannot go wrong with. So far the conference is really geared to experienced developers. As a budding one, many examples blew passed me but at least conceptually I am there. Abstraction and correlation has always been my strengths so thankfully I am not buried like I thought I would be.

Most interesting talk so far was the “Changing your mindset: Getting starte with test-driven development” by Patrick Reagan. Write the fail test and then code a solution, what a simple yet novel idea that I never thought to do before but I worry on how much this would add to the development cycle. I will try the process tonight and see if I can think like an HP RPN calculator. Who knows, maybe I will be able to actually code vs the hack jobs I do now.


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