Code vs Grass…grass always win.

my tressThere is nothing better than taking care of the yard. Though these are my trees, I was over at my sister-in-law’s house to take care of her acre and a half worth of grass. Thankfully she has no problem with big oil or I would be in trouble. Regardless, working on the yard brings a sense of accomplishment, something I just do not feel elsewhere (you know where I mean). Abstraction translated to task completed are left incomplete when the overall objective is not obvious or given. Cryptic sentence but truth be told, that is a reflection of how I feel away from my home. With grass, task is completed when it is cut and trimmed. Planted trees grow and flowers flourish in their new bedded home. Code action produce a solution to a given problem or provide functionality to those who believe there was an issue to be resolved. Lack of planning promotes code development that is short-sighted and fractured. Errors continually plague the process as a perpetual cycle of hack and slash is the only driving force to your daily routine. Team leaders are given objectives to daily solutions and are not provided details on an ever-changing overall project goals. Hence at the end of any given day, there is no sense of accomplishment. This is why, at times, physical task provide a greater sense of achievement than any program project can ever do. Yes, there is work to be done and flowers to be planted. I love that about my home. I only wish I can stay here more.


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