Colorado = Sports = Support

I love the Broncs, the Buffs, the Nugs, and the Avs. One team I do not follow, because they suck, is the Rocks. Who knew they can actually play and get into the World Series? Hell and do it without losing a game? Sounds a lot like the movie Major League. But here we are. So since I am a Colorado Sports fan (minus CSU, they will always suck), I will jump in and watch a sport that up to now, I had very little invested in.

Watching the Soxs against the movie players of the Tribe, I was stunned at the power of Ortiz, Ramirez and Youkilis. They took the tribe and made them look like the bad news bears. Colorado came into game 1 just like how the tribe left game seven, stunned. Oh well, after suffering through the Buffs last two seasons, I think I can handle this disappointment. Go Rockies!


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