Colorado Springs AT&T 3G will rock – wait, what?

GOGFive years ago, I left Colorado Springs for greener pastures and warmer weather down here in Austin, Texas.  The reasons to leave were it was too cold, the tech industry there kind of suck and the infrastructure for technology was kind of weak.  But one thing for sure, you cannot beat the views that town can produce.

Well now that I am situated here in Austin and built a home, I figure I would have numero uno access to top tech.  You cannot beat the liveliness of Austin and the vigor of the start-ups that are all around me.  One thing that did not change was the number of drop calls and slowness of AT&T’s network.  I figured with all the tech companies around Austin, AT&T would rock.  Sadly my wife and I have mapped out all the locations where our iPhones would drop calls, I should make an app for that.

Now MobileCrunch is reporting that AT&T is upgrading Colorado Springs market with a dedicated 850 Mhz 3G network.  OK, ha ha, very funny, wait till I leave before you decide to clean up your act.  Thanks AT&T for allowing my friends in CS to mock me.  But I sure do not miss the cold.


2 thoughts on “Colorado Springs AT&T 3G will rock – wait, what?

  1. Well, the 3gs has _sucked_ lately in COS. About a dozen calls dropped a week, daily error messages about “unable to activate cellular data network”. As it stands now, I’d go for edge reliability and speed to keep from dropping calls.


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