Compressing the sig even more – shame on you Comcast!


To keep up with the demand for more HD, Comcast has started to compress the HD source a bit more by adding three HD stream into a 38.8 QAM pipe instead of two.  Once again, it is a numbers game.  Now Comcast can boast the same numbers as DirectTV or Dish, “we have 150 HD channels”.  HD is so abused just like streaming HD movies at 720p.  People, don’t believe the hype.  TRUE HD with uncompressed audio can ONLY be found on stamped media for now (Blu-ray).  There is not enough bandwidth to transport this type of data effectively.  This will not change any time soon.  Remember the golden rule.  Spend as much on the media as you did for your gear.  It does you no good to watch a compressed HD stream with pseudo-surround audio on a 106″ 1080p projection system with 7.1 premium surround sound setup.  Hell it does not make much sense to run that same stream on ANY HD capable screen.  You do not even NEED to buy Blu-ray disks, rent them from Netflix.  The point is this, if you did your homework and got a killer setup, then feed it what it deserves.  Anything less would be criminal.


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