Consumerist, laughs, iphone and my dream

I was reading all the hype leading to the iphone launch this Friday, including some writings from the Consumerist. One thing I always enjoy is the modified images such as this one that are posted on their site. Now about the iphone. Do I think it will succeed? Most likely yes but not for what people think it will. Come on now, who out there would not do a double take on the design? It is frickin gorgeous! Shinny on the back with a glass cover on the front. Great gui interface with a (what appears to be) high res screen, full browser support and email. And of course…IT IS AN iPOD! Notice something missing? Yep I personally think the phone aspect is going to suck. Have you notice all the videos for the iphone are done in areas where the environment is dimly lit? Of course the display is going to be great but take that out into the world where the sun blazes down washing out any LCD display and you are going to have problems finding a contact or number. Sure you can do voice recognition, I do that now with enV (does the iphone have that?). And sure you can use one-button dialing or speed dialing or some other ingenious method of calling out that Apple has invented, but ask anyone who has ever worked with a touch screen phone and they will tell you that IT SUCKS! It is hard to see the keypad but more importantly, you cannot use your fingers to navigate around the keys because of the lack of tactile feedback. Another example would be the keyboard. I NEED tactile feedback when I am texting. A perfect example of a horrible phone would be the PPC6700, by far the worst phone ever created. As an email device, it was not that bad because of it’s built-in keyboard, but the bulk was a major pain. I like to have a phone that I can put in my pocket and not look like a tablet/pocketpc nerd. My phone has to be small. So it may seem like I’m a hater and but I’m not and here’s why, I still want one (but not the phone). Here is my hope. I hope that Apple takes cues from this toy and use it to refresh the ipod product line. With only a dial as your main navigational tool, a touch screen would be perfect. Hell that is very much what we have now with the vid-ipods. I love my 1g and 2g shuffles, my 20 and 30 gig ipods and the software that manages it. Actually Keyla takes care all of this for me. She is my personal DJ and I love the playlists she creates. I know I am building this based on my poor experience with a crappy phone (PPC6700) but I guess I just cannot see how Apple can innovate a touch screen (Apple will undoubtedly prove me wrong). The iphone will succeed on sheer looks alone. It does not hurt that it is actually functional too, but as a phone, I do not think so. The point is this, I want the iphone design in my next ipod. Please make that happen Apple.


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