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Microsoft may have been dinged for security and is not really known for as a cutting edge company but it does acquire some very cool technology. The latest one I’ve seen from them is a tech called seadragon that allows for the user to disregard screen resolution and screen size by manipulating scale in a very practical and useful way. This software is present in a usable form called photosynth which if you have access to a Windows box (duh, do you really think MS would allow you to run this on anything else?) you can install the preview and experience what is discussed here. This by far the most jaw-dropping presentation I have ever seen using real images from an image collection site like flickr. As a photographer and a person who loves the visual art, this is very exciting. I mean think about it, melding of images taken by a community to form one extremely detailed presentation is extending the way we socialize on the web. In many ways, this is like twitter for images. The forensics alone would be chilling.


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