CSI and… Second Life?

Did anyone caught CSI last week with SL tie-in?  I wonder how successful will it be to bring in mass media popularity to a community that is established and intimate.  Though they used many elements of SL, the whole thing reeked of Lawnmower Man.  A laughable premise of entering the world of a professional hit-woman and using the basic elements of social exchange to uncover her trail all in the highly polished world of SL.  As CSI plots go, this one was weak.  As for the SL tie-in, I though it was great for someone that never been inside.  My experience with SL was no where near as exciting as how television portrayed it.  It is much deeper with regards to socialization than what was produced on television but requires time to discover your place in this world, this would be lost on many fast food eaters of popular media.  Hell, I still have jeans and a t-shirt on!  As always, Hollywood went over the top, but besides the obvious false glamour, I wonder if there was any traction to the population through such advertising.  Not a big TV fan but I will follow this week’s episode online to see what happens.

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