Daily Tweets for 2008-08-18

  • Mowed the lawn capped another relaxing weekend. Hopefully the ‘sometime island’ at Lake Travis will shrink from the rains we are getting now #
  • Work week is new and fresh. The sky is gray and the kids are with me at work. Must check the SVN repo for new code. It should be a good day. #
  • Task list has been created, work delegated. Kiddos in the office quietly working on homework. Feel accomplished but still want more to do. #
  • One developer working wonders for a great startup, another in limbo as we sort out his employment status. Symbolism? It is pouring outside. #
  • LISD is opening five new campuses this fall and will have four more next year. Our community is growing fast. IT at LISD must be bleeding. #
  • In a meeting discussing the Horizon Report that can be found here: http://wp.nmc.org/horizon2008/. Great talk about relevancy of privacy. #
  • A salad with no dressing, kind of like my day, work with no fluff. Soda should help. Work is another issue that cannot be fixed with a drink #
  • Nice thing about working within a library, there are plenty of books to keep your kids entertained. #
  • ‘Effective use of technology…’, ’emerging tech…’, ‘long tail…’, ‘social networks…’, BINGO! How can you sustain a conversation? #
  • @Keyla_R no movies for the kiddos! It is time to get ready for school. #
  • I will get one of my developers back! Now I can focus on EC2 and LAMP #
  • Another day is done. Work is work, it is good to head home with the kiddos. #

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