Daily Tweets for 2008-08-19

  • The scoring system for gymnastics was odd. France Thomas Bouhail and US Nastia Liukin must feel a bit empty. Sudden death I say! #
  • Another work day is about to start. Kiddos busy on school work in prep for school next week. It has been fun having the kids around. #
  • My new shirt already has an oil stain, wow that sucks! What a great way to start dreaded Tuesday… #
  • Code work? Yes. Ticket closed? Yes. -NEXT- Code work? No. Ticket closed? No, updating ticket -NEXT- Sometimes your daily tasks can be dry. #
  • Can colleges really work together? Or is it a pipe dream? http://insidehighered.com/views/2008/08/19/brown. A great find from a co-worker. #
  • Took a small break to play in the rain. Kids bring out the lost youth that is suppressed during our day to day lives. #
  • Framework, modular features on a per-user, pay-for-play that’s centrally manage may be the future for software development. That’s Google? #
  • $60.97 for a full tank of gas (every 5 days). Wow that is a savings of $5/tank. Wish I could ride my bike to work. #

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