Daily Tweets for 2008-08-20

  • Wednesday is here, halfway through the week! Kids are back in the office and I am back to tracking Redmine. Wow, some things never change. #
  • Heading into another Marratech meeting. Marratech is my company’s life-line. Great tool, hope Google does not kill it. #
  • Mysqldump is enjoyable on so many levels… #
  • As work becomes serious, my son made me laugh as he is playing with his sister on the DS, “Hey, let’s go get the Bad Giant Evil Dude.” #
  • Two devs one application and kids watching Super Mario cartoons, can there be any better way to do application development? I think not! #
  • @mrendon the use of stickies and Alan in the same sentence does not bode well with my imagination… #
  • Lunch in Georgetown sure does not give many options if you want something quick. A streetside hotdog would be great. #
  • Don’t you love app testing? Unexpected result, cool let me replicate. Correct result, huh? Checking logs, nothing. Unexpected result..dang. #
  • So close to home but stuck in traffic. Oh dear god I am tired. #

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