Daily Tweets for 2008-08-21

  • @mrendon oh wow! I heard about the ddr-wrt. Which version? v24 sp1? How is it? It sounds killer. I have the d-link dir-655. Not supported. #
  • Olympic venues in China are just beautiful. Organic was what Keyla used to describe the fly-over. I would have to agree. Damn HD is sweet! #
  • Backyard badminton against the Panamanian Tigress, which I won (I am sure Keyla will protest), now it is cheese cake and the Olympics. #
  • Surfing the web with the Olympics providing background noise is relaxing. Will check Redmine before I go to bed for any code updates. #
  • About to head out to meet Katalina’s teacher. She is so excited to join her big brother at his school this year. So am I. #
  • Just got back from kinder-camp for my little girl. She is all set for her first day next week. Tonight we will do the same for Ruben. #
  • Sweet! Our application is in testers’ hands. Now I am freed up to make a b2evolution blog become wordpress aware. This will be fun! #
  • Wrapping up the work day with a meeting of my tech fellows. Very productive today. EC2 is sweet! All my apps will go there. #
  • Fedora 9 is not that bad. Yum installs works like a champ. Works great for LAMP using yum, not so for RoR. Best to use wget for Rails. #
  • the chaos of kids running around the school grounds as we all get ready for school. Good times! #
  • Little Ruben will be in the portables as our school grows. He is excited, we wish he could still be in the main building. #

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