Daily Tweets for 2008-08-22

  • It is Friday world! Thank goodness, as this has been one long week. App released for testing, EC2 stable and the kids are ready for school. #
  • Testers are reporting problems with the app and of course creating tickets for dev support. Wow, I am very tired. Foggy and sluggish. #
  • Ate lunch and seriously thinking of picking up a Flip camcorder before I head home tonight. There does not seem to have much competition. #
  • Ok, time to take the kiddos home and stop by Walmart to get the Flip camera for the weekend. Be prepared to see an increase in YouTube v … #
  • Stopped by Best Buy and got the Flip camcorder. Slick design, recording videos as I drive home. How safe is that? #
  • LOL, just saw my last tweet. Recording videos and txt msg’ing. Wow, I am right up there with a drunk driver! I made it home safe. Bad boy! #

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