Daily Tweets for 2008-08-25

  • Healthy meal is making me sleepy. have a 2.5 hour drive back to Austin. Need Starbucks. #
  • 152 miles back to Austin. 3 hours before I get to say goodnight. #
  • Home sweet home. I cannot imagine how people can commute from Austin to Houston on a daily basis. That is hard on you, your car and life! #
  • Walking my kids to school. Everyone is excited! #
  • Kids are in their classroom. Keyla and I are about to head our separate ways to work. Feels odd not having my kids with me. Miss them. #
  • Work day has started minus my kiddos. Meetings will be easier though I do miss their constant need to grab my attention. The office is quiet #
  • working on b2e conversion, Bob is taking care of EC2 and I am looking forward to getting home. #

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