Zed, why were you on Saturday and not on Friday!

I missed the second day of the Lone Star Ruby Conference to be with my mom. No regrets, mom and I are tight, plus hanging out with fam is alway good. However returning to work Monday, Bob told me that Zed was very entertaining and he IRC’ed his keynote that he gave on Saturday. Unlike Friday’s keynote by Charles Oliver Nutter, which he went into this whole pep-rally-like speech to never give up, Zed Shaw, the creator of Mongrel, gave a hearty speech about why keynotes suck. As I reviewed the irc, he makes valid points that we, the tech community, should expect more when we gather. Basically the method of disseminating knowledge to others is not a very good one. Talking heads for 45-60 minutes does not give the listener much to build on. Any talk attended only has a few nuggets of information which you latter scape the web to discover more. It seems conferences today only give you new keywords for your daily searches. Zed must have been fun to watch, I bet his keynote did not suck…

For the most part the conference was ok. If I was further along as a developer, I may have understood more, but then again Bob said he really did not get anything new out of this. I would have liked more implementation talks but then again, this conference was not geared towad that.

Outside of meeting a developer I may be working with, there was no reason for me to be there. As I get older, I am becoming more critical of how my time is spent. If task requested does not help me with immediate work or interferes with family time, I rather not do it. I now understand the whole grumpy old men mentality, because I am becoming one. Be gone and let me be!


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