Davidson, fun to watch

It was fun to watch Davidson College, one of the institutions my company works with, go against Kansas, a member of my favorite conference, and stood their ground.  It was Davidson, not Kansas, that determined who would win and everyone who love college ball will not soon forget Stephen Curry, an amazing Sophomore that is going to return next year. 

Working for and with private liberal arts colleges has taught me to appreciate the intimacy of education they provide versus the often felt mass production seen at larger public institutions.  To closely with work with faculty at R1 institutions is a privilege typically held to graduate students yet that exchange is preserved for undergraduates at institutions that are members of CLAC, ACS, ACM, GLCA and others.  The students from these institution obtain knowledge that goes beyond the fundamental grasp of regurgitated information.  It has always been a pleasure to work with the students and faculty like Owen Cramer.

One thing you will not hear about is that these colleges also participate in sports.  Since they focus on academics rather than the size of their stadiums, their participation is fairly muted.  With such minimal focus on athletics and such strict academic requirements of the athletes, you would never expect any of our “little”colleges to stand much of a chance against powerhouses like Michigan, Texas, UCLA or others.  But every year, Colorado College or Davidson stands above the crowd to prove that they too can compete in the athletic arena.

I love college sports and though I am an alum from a monster conference, the Big XII, I still love the fact that the smaller colleges can still make an impact.  Sad to see you go Davidson but you were going against my conference.  I love what I do but I love my school and my conference even more when it comes to sports.


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