Day after the storm and system state

Well power flickered around midnight as sheets of heavy rain fell for what seemed like forever but really was only 30 minutes.  The lightning was so intense that the fields behind our back yard were visible as if it was mid-day.

As the storm raged on, I listened as my server rebooted and system after system in my house was kicked out of suspend mode and force to reboot.  Quietly I went into each room and place each machine back into suspend mode rather than waiting for them to do that themselves.  Walking around the home that late at night made me realize that I need to do a better job of centralizing system management and look at some kind of battery back-up solution for my server.  Remote desktop is nice but I have no logging of system state for all my devices on the network.  SNMP is woefully missing from my network.  Looking around on the web, I found a great network tools aggreator from Stanford.  Let’s see if I can monitor more than just web logs from my email…

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