Delaying the DTV conversion to reduce confusion… uh what?


It seems the Senate has agreed to delay the switch over to digital TV that was intended to occur on February 18th of this year.  The fear is the backlog of some 20+ million request for DTV digital converter-box coupons that have not been fulfilled and thus leading to mass panic and hysteria for those not bound to cable/IPTV/satellite services.  Here is a quote from Sen. Rockefeller:

“We are only weeks away from doing it dreadfully wrong—and leaving consumers with the consequences,” he said. “It is no secret that the outgoing administration grossly mismanaged the digital television transition.”

I agree that the previous administration could have done a better job prepping the masses about DTV. I had to do my own PR for my parents as they were at a loss of what will happen in Febuary. But with the daily reminders of the switch broadcasting regularly on analog TV, we are only making it worse by telling folks that it will in fact not happen on the stated date.  I say stick with the original plan and extend the coupon program till mid June.  I like to believe that Americans are intelligent and resourceful.  If the signal blips out, those who were not ready will figure out the solution.  Take the the tongue lashing now rather than later.  There are just some people that will wait till the last minute and no amount of time will help them.

I guess I can understand why Obama would request such a delay.  Other than what was stated above, Obama does not want to be seen by those oblivious to current events, as the President that took away their happy box.  None the less I still think this is a bad move.


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