Did you do it?


At 6:07 GMT today, everyone in the world were to have an orgasm to release an epic force of positive energy to help wash away the oppressive movement that is causing a stagnation for the betterment of humankind across this globe. Yes we are to push each other over the edge in complete ecstasy as we cleanse our spirit wounded by the daily war we wage entrenched in spaces our impoverished souls try to claw free from. Our hearts are to beat as one, a unified force empowering the lost creative nature that drives our music, our art, our cultures. Yes we are to physically connect and bond in ways only nature has intended, yes we are to love and be loved.

Make love and not war, yes very hippie-ish but hey any way for us to exert positive  energy, I am all for it!  We will be keeping our eye out for the second opportunity.


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