Ditching Sony for better PRS-500 support

Wow, it took the ditching of Vista and Sony to get better ebook support for my PRS-500. When I got my Sony Reader, I was hoping to take all my PDFs with me and enjoy them on a great little device. Sadly the Reader does a horrible job rendering PDFs in their native format. After about a month trying out all the pdf converters, I finally gave up hope and my poor Reader gathered dust as I moved on to a new tablet PC.

After months of playing with Vista, I became frustrated at how slow things moved around and plus the eye-candy was just not enough to keep me interested any more. I dumped Vista for Ubuntu. After getting the hardware to play nice with the distro, I decided to get all my gadgets back online as well. I pulled out the reader, blew off the dust and started the process of getting access to my ebook library. To my surprise, I just had to install one app Calibre. Follow the instructions on their site and BOOM! you have one hella-cool ebook manager that is better than Sony Connect. Gathering news from the web to converting PDFs for the PRS-500 is just a simple click. All PDFs are formatted for the Sony Reader! No more external converters, no more editing. I am in heaven. I noticed that there is a Windows version of this app as well but I have no reason to head back now. I can finally enjoy reading my PDFs while sitting on the can… What more can a gentleman ask for?

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