Domestication and the Minivan

Do you happen to know the exact day and time when you realize that you have been domesticated? Yes, January 18, 2007 at 12:45 pm (cst). That was the day and time when Sears delivered my ultra efficient Kenmore Elite washer and dryer. You have no idea how excited I was to see two gleaming white shinny cans look back at me ready to do my “dirty work”. As I loaded the washer with glee and listened with amazement at how quiet it was, I felt something strange. I was not excited about a new gadget for music or video. I was not quaking with laughter over a gadget that aligns my being with the aide of military satellites. I was ecstatic for an object of utility. What does that say? Have I finally left my youth behind as I happily load the HE-branded soap? Why did it amaze me so to see the whites so..white? Since moving into my new home, I have been on a mission to take complete care of my family and I do it with joy. Whenever I find something that can help me with this endeavor, I am ever so pleased with the discovery. When my washer died, it troubled me so to watch helplessly as the days passed by with clothes piling up. Now I must admit, I am no folder of the garments. My wife can quickly take a pile of chaos and create neat stacks of clothes that I am afraid to touch. But I do try to jump in whenever I can. The point here is that my focus on technology, or the love of it, is still there. It is just aimed at a new direction. I am all about home advancement and convergence. I want to complete my dream of installing LCDs in each room that has access to a media server for all the video and audio entertainment my home can provide. I want to give my distant family “tours” of my home through the webcams from each LCD. I want a bot to wash my floors while I sleep. I want another bot to vac my carpets while I am at work. I will have all this one day, but till then I have a lot of work.

On another subject, I read somewhere (of which I cannot remember where, old age and all) that what you drive determines your orientation. A Toyota 4Runner is for the “straight” male. A Honda CRV is for a proud “gay” man. So what about the minivan? The Honda Odyssey is my ride and I am damn proud of it. So what does that say about me? I guess if you drive a minivan you are neither straight or gay, you are a “daddy” disparately trying to get the kids to school on time; “Tuck and roll! 7:40?!? TUCK AND ROLL!!!!”

Oh, PS3 update!

Netflix has a great Blu-ray collection. Why buy when you can watch anything for a monthly fee? I love you PS3, you make me almost as happy as my new washer.


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