Downgrading Vista, what about Linux?

There is an interesting article on the Register that discussed that about 35% of the hardware that was shipped capable of running Windows Vista being downgraded by the vendor or end user to Windows XP (hardware pool above 3000 units).  My question is what about users or vendors that switched over to Linux?  That is what I did to my HP TX1320 lappy.  It came Vista certified and I ran Vista for a good four months.  But I too could not stand how slow it was and the lack of any great visual appeal.  Ubuntu came to the rescue and I have not looked back.  Well that is a lie, I still have the Vista partition.  I just have no need to boot into that OS.

I do hope Windows 7 will be a success.  I have been a supporter of MS and hope they will finally produce a product without bloat.  Till then, this former Windows Admin is ecstatic what an operating system can do minus Microsoft.


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  1. Person to person, I hope that you find joy in the next operating system from Microsoft. But I don’t think it will be so. When Microsoft is under pressure, they tend to react against their customers. Microsoft employs some of the best programing talent in the world. So how could they come out with something like Vista? In spite of all appearances, Microsoft is not a programing company, they are a marketing company. That’s why Vista was weighed down with DRM among other things. That’s not customer friendly, that’s customer hostile. Microsoft does not produce software for their customers, they produce software for their stockholders. I have heard of features being withheld for future releases. Why give away future revenue?

    In the time of our great grandparents, food shopping was a completely different experience than it is today. The customer would walk into the grocery store and a clerk at the counter would be waiting to take their order. The customer would tell the clerk what she needed and he would go fetch the item/s from the shelves. Imagine that. Now we walk into a huge store with a large metal shopping cart and pick whatever we want. If a can is dented, we chose another one, and so on. Some day the way we acquire software will be looked upon the same way. Imagine that, someone told them what they wanted? It will be tough to teach the part of history we’re experiencing now because it will be difficult for the students to understand paying for software.

  2. Eloquently stated. I do agree with the adage of customer-centric product development, lost on many of the fortune 500 companies. But is that a realistic approach as a product footprint becomes large. As with anything that becomes popular, to focus on specific customer needs becomes more of a statistical nightmare as companies try to hit the golden point on the bell curve.

    What is interesting is the immediate, or on demand, services we have become so accustom to. Maybe that is where software will be driven. Framework structs with modular functionality on an needs-basis, pay-per-function that is centrally managed to support a growing user base. Similar to the ‘warehouse’ example you provided.

    Thanks for the critical thought. It is much appreciated.

  3. Hi, I have a TX1320us , love the size and features but as you will know it has a few bugs:
    Runs very hot
    Vista home prem is dead slow
    Start up is a slow joke ( vista I guess)
    The file explorer takes ages to move files to external drives ( vista too??)

    Anyway, I to would like to try ubuntu 8.04 , have started the download now. Do you have any tips on doing a duel boot ( want to keep vista just in case)

    Will CS3 suite still work and Dreamweaver CS3? These along with Adobe Lightroom are my core apps, Many thanks

  4. Hi Paul, Hardy Haron works really well on the 1320. Just use the live CD and boot into the install. It will walk you through on setting up a dual boot. That is what I did splitting the drive in half for both Vista and Ubuntu.

    Wireless, webcam and touch screen are lost during the initial install. Use the NDISwrapper and the windows driver of bcmwl5. It works great with the broadcom chipset in the 1320. As for the webcam, that was a bit tricky but I blogged about it here:

    For flash player support, use flashcam:
    http://www.swift-tools.net/Flashcam/. But if you are willing to wait, adobe will be releasing version 10 which should support 4vl2 webcams like ours.

    As for windows app support, I tend to stay away trying to use the windows shell within ubuntu but you can give it a try. Take a look at wine:


    I hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi,
    Last week bought HP TX2025AU. Great hardware specs but came pre-installed with Vista Home Premium.

    Since yesterday have been trying to install Visual Studio 2005. Complete frustration. I am seriously thinking to abandon Microsoft OS. I have a genuine XP CD, but am very skeptical to downgrade because of support issues later on.

    I would appreciate if some one could suggest options going forward. Is there an equivalent to MS Visual Studio in another OS. I used Unix and Linux long time ago around 1990.

    thanks in advance for any suggestions,

  6. Hi Ruben,
    Yes, it was helpful. jEdit looks great. I will be seriously considering this option going forward.
    regards, prab

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