Dusting off the blog

It has been a while since I posted on my blog.  I suppose I really do not have anything compelling to share with the world or more to the point, a lack of meaningful contribution to the human experience is a void for me.  The reason may be the daily routine.  A routine that numbs the soul and deadens the mind.  That sounds more dramatic than how I really feel.  It is more of a warm bed of a comfortable life that keeps me safe and wards off challenges that may make me uneasy; however, it is that comfort that is hardening the grey matter in my skull.  Risks have their reward, it is just painful to go through to see the fruition of such things.  I am in the second half of my career and it is time to add some focus to this journey.  No longer can I be the IT generalist that kept me afloat up to this point.  I will need to focus, of which I will try to document.  I do not expect many will find these postings and for those that stumble upon my site, bear in mind that I treat these public musings as a method to apply discipline to my resolution.  So without further delay… Step 1, what do I know?

I have done many job duties in IT.  I was an MS Exchange administrator, MS web admin, LAMP admin, OS image admin, junior network admin, and a Webmaster.  I worked within AWS, Google, and Azure.  I dabble in Python, Powershell, PHP, JS/CSS, and MySQL.  I converse on topics of interest such as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), K-12 technology, higher education relating to IT principals, gadget mobility, and branding.  Whenever someone asked me if I wanted to try something new in tech, I was always first to jump in, hence my problem.  I can ramp up quickly to complete a task but never stay long enough to develop deep knowledge.  This is where I will need to pick a focus.  That will be my next post…

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