Ok, ok, ok…I am getting ahead of myself. I have to get a 1080p projector first (currently own an Optoma HD72). But still I’ve always wanted a DVDO. Those not in the know, a DVDO is a video processor that can make almost any video gear shine. From de-interlacing to artifact removal, this gear rules. Why buy the VP50? Well it is the latest model, duh and for the fact that it can do hdmi magic like no other. I understand that there is no support for the 1.3a standard but maybe that can be taken care of with a firmware update. Regardless, it seems to handle HDMI 1.3 video material as good if not better than 1.3-compliant gear. Lossless audio support is there through PCM decoding (this is how I am currently passing HD audio to my Denon 3806). Since I do not have one, I would be the worst for finding info on it’s performance. For a reliable review, take a look at ProjectorCentral. Those guys are the ones I trust for HT gear. In fact my Da-Lite screen and projector were purchased because of their recommendations.


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