Eating words, the Pandora’s lesson

androidpandoraAs mobile development expands, decisions need to be made for where resources should be placed.  With the multitude of platforms, it is very difficult to build and support applications across the spectrum, especially when your dev team is no bigger than a typical golf outing with your buddies.  The problem amplifies when your application becomes a web superstar and the fans crave access to it everywhere.  With so much traction and attention, passion/excitement immediately becomes confused with company opinion and stance.  I feel for Tom Conrad, the CTO of Pandora.  I am sure the moment after Tom Conrad said his famous quote at the Mobile Web Wars Roundtable, he had that sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.  The quote was this:

I need Android like I need a hole in the head

That sick feeling was strong enough for him to clarify his statement.  Sure he did not mean what he said, passion at times clouds judgement and people can be forgiven as long as their passion is expressed in everything they do.  But obviously one has to be mindful of their words especially when that person is perceived as a leader in an industry.  Passion represents rebellious youth or emerging identity but it also burn bridges.  That is why leaders of established industries are dry, placid and old.  Mobile market is still emerging and statements expressed by Tom will not be an isolated one.  I am grateful that Pandora finally made it’s way to the Android platform.  I am sure Tom feels the same, and is looking forward to getting this behind him.

One thought on “Eating words, the Pandora’s lesson

  1. Thanks Ruben — you’ve captured well how this happened and how I feel about it today. Very excited at this point to finally have our Android app out there.


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