Emergency Trip to Colorado Springs

Well I just got back from the Springs. I left Friday evening and returned Sunday around 11 pm. My dad was still in ICU after his surgery that involved correcting a problem with his neck. My mother was worried last Thursday so that night, with Keyla’s help, I got a round trip ticket to head up to the Springs for the weekend. When I got there, my mother put me to work almost immediately. From breaking rocks to mowing grass to moving things around the home, I was kept very busy till I left. It felt good to be able to help my parents. I wanted to do more but there was just not enough time. I wish I could have stayed just a little longer but I am glad I went. Oh, as for my dad, he looked great. Though he was out of it, he did not looked as if he was in a lot of pain. In fact if it were not for the tube down his throat, you would think he was just sleeping.

Couple of things I realized about the Springs now that I live in Texas:

  1. It is COLD!!!! The evenings were cooling down way too fast for my comfort. I love it in Texas that I can sit in my backyard and look at the stars in my shorts and t-shirt. I was about to catch a cold trying to do the same in Colorado.
  2. This whole high altitude does affect performance. I was a bit winded with the work that normally would not be too terribly difficult but I guess I have become acclimated to the lower altitude.
  3. IT IS DRY IN COLORADO!!! Oh man I forgot how dry it is in the Springs. I never thought I was ever going to say this, but I missed the humidity.

All in all, it was a great short trip. I hope to be back when my dad is out of the hospital.


2 thoughts on “Emergency Trip to Colorado Springs

  1. He is doing better, thanks for asking. He has two compressed bones in the neck and they decided to add artificial discs to alleviate the pressure and pain. Hopefully it worked.

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