Feel sorry for the Exchange Administrator

At one point in my life I was an Exchange Administrator for a great little liberal arts college in Colorado. I was thrown into the fire and had to learn as much as I could on how to support our Exchange users. It was fun and there are times I do miss that kind of work. Can you imagine ramping up Exchange support for 1.3 million users, then deploy your solution only to have it reversed and use gmail instead? That is what happened to the folks at The New South Wales Department of Education and Training. I would imagine those users will not be using the same gmail accounts you and I have however the move is a huge loss for both Microsoft and resources trained, but moving the storage cap from 35MB to greater than 1GB is a big win for the users. I could see it now, I just wrapped up my exchange training, mapped the Exchange containers, setup my FE with OWA support and spent countless of hours testing the deployment to only have admin report back that they would like to go in another direction. Woo hoo!


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