Floating identity around your mug

Those crazy guys at TAT, designers of great mobile innovations, are at it again with a new concept, Augmented ID.  Using a similar approach of face recognition demonstrated by MIT Media Lab’s Sixth Sense project, you can manage what information is displayed about you when someone uses their mobile phone’s camera.  Crazy huh, yeah just watch the video:

A cool concept that I am sure will be a reality is some form in the near future, but may have stirred the privacy waters a bit due to the instant availability of some one’s online identity.  I might be in the minority but I see no problem with this concept.  Your online identity is available to search without your control.  All you can really do is try to minimize the embarrassing parts of your life from online exposure by managing your virtual identity.  This type of innovation I am looking forward, the type of privacy I worry about is the type that should be under my control like my personal cell phone number!

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