Fool me once, shame on you…


Back in the day of Dolby Surround and Pro-logic, buying Monster Cables made sense. The better the shielding on those analog runs, the better the fidelity that pumped out from your speakers (at least I always thought so). When the world moved on to Dolby Digital and DTS, we held on to our cables and Monster as we moved to component hookups. Now with HDMI, Monster is no longer relevant. With both audio and video traveling on the same cable in pure digital form, there is no need for gold plated, quad-shielded, multi-threaded, or whatever else they can throw onto the line. As I stated before, Digital is not susceptible to the same type of interference as analog. Now it seems the reason why Monster is still around is the incentives for store owners to push the product due to the high profit margin. Take a look at this Consumerist report. Good luck Monster, your high pricing days are numbered.


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