Fred Thompson quites – Conservatives consolidate? Who cares… I need to buy milk!

Well it is finally true, Fred Thompson is out. I guess that means the Ron Paul supporters will be screaming for former Fred groupies to head over to their camp as a sign of the last truly conservative group. Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats and Republicans (or independent if you think that matters) are harder to differentiate as the only thing you really hear from any governing body in America is the continue debate of if you did or did not support the war.

To blame the war for all the ills of our nation is just as wrong as the reason to be on foreign soil to begin with. Yes the war did trigger some of the economic lapses we currently have due to neglect however the average American is not personally invested to the actual outcome of the war, other than those who have family entrenched in Iraq (thank you and I wish you good fortunes for the commitment and sacrifice).

Our daily lives are affected in other matters such as employment, fluctuating purchasing power and cost of perishable goods, have you seen the cost for a gallon of milk these days?!?! I think what has happen is that this nation was producing consumers with bad habits, me included. Credit should be a reflection of great economic restraint not a free handout. Due to our lack of any fiscal control, we had a nation believing that they could own the home of their dreams with a killer car in the garage on an income that did not match. Now many of those folks were forced back to a reality that never left them, it was just clouded with money that was also never free. With the collapse of the housing market and consumers riddled with uncontrollable dept, the infrastructure that depended on their spending slid as well. Now we have this upside down pyramid driving it’s weight onto the shoulders of the few viable spenders left which unfortunately are still dwindling.

So how did our beloved government respond? They responded like an over-caring grandmother, “There, there, it is ok. Drink your soup and I will make it go away.” They are about to offer up rebates in hopes to spark a recovery. $600 per individual, $1200 per couple and about $300 per child. That means I would get about $1800 here shortly. Do not get me wrong, I am not going to turn it down but I think the approach is wrong. Education, not handouts, is what’s needed. We should treat our fiscal responsibility like sex education. They are quite similar if you think about it, both are something many do not talk about openly, a lack of responsibility is the result when you ignore them and both have experts that you can turn to when you are willing to learn. I am by far not a financial genius as my family try to reduce our own debt. But I do know restraint, which was one of the hardest lesson to learn. I hope our nation will learn to do the same as well. Now about that gallon of milk…


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